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Top Ashiatsu Massage Benefits

Many people who are constantly on the go or work in stressful or physical jobs can benefit from the incredible effects of massages. While many are content with a traditional

Massage and Mountain Biking

Myofascial Deep Tissue Massage and Mountain Biking- they go together like Kickers and Berms Colorado Springs is home to some of the most epic mountain biking trails in the world,

Sports Mat Massage

Want to know if Sports Mat Massage is for you or interested in learning more about what it is? You’re in the right place! A sports massage can help athletes

Halo Hot Stone Therapy

  The weather is cooling down, but at Camino we are just starting to warm up! Were offering our Halo Hot Stone Therapy and it is truly a magical addition

Facial Massage Kit Breakdown

  We know what you’re thinking, “What in the world is Gua Sha, and facial cupping anyways?” Well, we’re glad you asked. But before we get into the breakdowns of

The FasciAshi Barefoot Massage Diffrence

WHAT IS ASHIATSU MASSAGE? Ashiatsu barefoot massage helps loosen tight muscles and ligaments, with the therapist accessing the body from above with secured overhead bars. This provides the massage therapist

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