Packages & Memberships Erin Poovey October 27, 2022

therapeutic massage in colorado springs


Grab a membership to save on your regular monthly Therapeutic and Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage appointments!


– Get any additional massages at membership price.

– 10% off cold plunge and sauna.

– 10% off halotherapy and cupping.

– If you have 60-minute membership, you can upgrade to a 90-minute appointment for only $45!

– 3 month initial sign-up minimum, after the first 3 months, memberships are month-to-month.

– If you don’t use your membership, after 2 months of inactivity, your membership will be placed on a pause.

– You will be notified about your membership renewal 7 days before account is charged.

– Memberships and sessions can be gifted!


Sauna Packages and Memberships

Individual or couples sauna session. Heat up before your massage in our infrared salt sauna or book a stand-alone session to get your sweat on.

Cold Plunge Packages and Memberships **Downtown Location Only**

By exposing the body to the cold for short periods of time, our Cold Plunge treatments activate cold thermogenesis, producing such adaptive, beneficial hermetic responses as boosts in your focus and mood, decreases in inflammation, and an activated metabolism.

Sauna + Cold Plunge Packages and Memberships **Downtown Location Only**

Contrast therapy, anyone? Spend time warming up in our infrared sauna followed by a 3-minute dip in our cold plunge. Hot/Cold therapy has long been used to help with physical and mental ailments, including chronic pain and stress.