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The pressure from our myofascial barefoot massage not only feels amazing and deep for your muscles, but is also calming to your nervous system. The messages that your body receives all day telling you to do, be, go and run are hushed by the downward pressure applied by a therapist working directly above you. This downward pressure signals the body to switch back in to our “rest” mode instead of our “flight” mode. The best part is you don’t have to do anything. It happens naturally. You’ll get the deep therapeutic work your body craves and the rest your nervous system needs. You will float out of our office. We call it “Camino bliss.” YOu have to experience it for yourself!

For clients who:

*weigh 30 pounds more than our massage therapists

*have large frames

*dense muscle tissue

*chronic pain

*need back and hip pain relief

*need deep relaxation

*Ashiatsu is particularly popular among athletes and individuals that are overworked & over stressed

*Dynamic Cupping

*Fascial Blading

*Heat packs

*Hot towels

*Dynamic Stretching

*Halo Therapy ($12 upgrade)

*Infrared Salt Sauna ($15 for 20 minutes pre massage)

60 Minutes $88

90 Minutes $130

120 Minutes $175

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