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We have added some goodies to our Camino shop, as well as a new partner to the Camino swag clan! We are so excited to now be carrying a few of Roots Apothecary products! Our newest addition to the shop is Roots Apothecary’s double extracted, and triple filtered tinctures! 

How Tinctures are Made

In the general tincture creation process the herbs are submerged in alcohol. When the herbs are soaked in alcohol for a period of time the alcohol absorbs the medicinal properties of the herbs. The infused alcohol is then strained from the herbs, and there you have a traditional tincture. What we love about Roots Apothecary’s process of creating their tinctures is the double extraction of each herb mixture. As they state on their website ( “ The first extraction is 45 days of high quality, certified organic cane alcohol extraction (ethanol). After the herbs are strained, they are extracted a second time for 45 minutes at a low temperature (140deg F) with reverse osmosis water. The two extractions are combined and held at 140deg F for 10 minutes to flash a percentage of ethanol to maintain potency. The purpose of a double extraction is pulling both ethanol and water soluble nutrients from each herbal blend into solution.This ensures purity and potency of each tincture.


Which Tinctures We Carry and How to Use Them

The tinctures we have chosen to carry in our shop hold some very special powers. We want our clients to have a full arsenal of stress management, relaxation boosting, and overall well being products to help them achieve their “Camino bliss” long after their massage. The tinctures we love and have currently stocked up in our shop are:



What’s in it:

*Ashwagandha root

Helps with:

  • Cortisol and stress response
  • Mood and energy support
  • Improved mental and physical stamina
  • Adrenal balance
  • Overall health and wellness


How to use the Ashwagandha tincture: Do not consume tincture right out of the container. Dilute two droppers full, to at least 4oz of water. It is recommended to consume this twice a day with or without food, and weave it into your everyday routine to establish consistency. Adaptogens like Ashwgandha have their benefits increased when used regularly. 

Another one of our favorite ways to ingest the Ashwagandha tincture is to add 2-3 droppers full to your morning cup of coffee. Adding this tincture to your morning cup of coffee combats the caffeine response in the body. The caffeine in coffee on its own may get your day going, but it also can cause unwanted inflammation and over stimulation on your adrenals. Which can trigger a stress response similar to “fight or flight” in the body. When you add Ashwagandha to your “cuppa” it helps to smooth out your caffeine experience by lowering cortisol and protecting your adrenals to allow for a more even, clear minded focus.



  What’s in it:

*valerian root
*rhodiola rosea
*holy basil
*oat straw
*passion flower
*lemon balm

Helps with:

  •    Mood and Energy Support
  •    Adrenal Balance
  •    Manage Gut Inflammation
  •    Boost Cognitive Function


How to use the Anxiety Tincture: To help manage stress and anxiety we recommend adding 1.5 droppers full (about 60 drops) to 4oz of water twice daily with or without food. Do not ingest from the container.


What’s in it:

 *ginger root
 *nettle leaf & root
*black pepper
*dandelion root & leaf
Helps with: 
  •   Protection for Chromosomal Health 
  • Joint, Muscular, Gut and Brian Health
  • Cognitive Support by Inflammation Reduction

How to use the Inflammation Tincture: Managing and minimizing inflammation in the body is the key to staying healthy, active and reducing the aging process. Ingest the inflammation tincture by diluting 1.5 droppers full (about 60 drops) in at least 4oz of water. Take twice daily with or without food. *Avoid consuming this tincture at least 2 hours before bed, as the inflammation herbs and spices can lead to some energy spikes*




What’s in it:

*california poppy
 *passion flower
*wild lettuce
*gotu kola
*hops flower

Helps with:

  •   Supports healthy sleep cycles
  •   Adrenal balance
  •   Improve deep sleep
  •   Boost cognitive function

How to use the Sleepy Tincture: Dilute 1.5 droppers full (about 60 drops) to at least 4oz of water. Ingest tincture about 30 minutes before bed for best results. Use consistently for best results.

 Rest, Relaxation, and Restore Routine:

(per website recommendation)


ashwagandha tincture. – 2x dropper full in the morning. 


anxiety tincture. – 2x dropper full after lunch.


sleepy tincture. – 2x dropper full 1hr before bed. 


duration – the R3 routine will last 30 days. 

directions – do not consume roots apothecary tinctures directly from the container. roots apothecary herbal tinctures are highly concentrated and still contain approx 30% alcohol. please dilute with at least 4oz of water. recommended to take with food. recommended to avoid highly processed “food” while taking the R3 routine. highly processed foods can increase inflammation and cortisol and limits the potential of the R3 protocol. 


Camino is so excited about this new partnership with Roots Apothecary, and we take pride in knowing we are offering our clients 100% pure and natural products to add to their relaxation and well being arsenals. Head over to the shop tab to snag yourself these new tinctures. 

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