Pilates and Our Clients Erin Poovey January 2, 2018

Pilates and Our Clients

We’ve joined Nicole Fields at Whole Living Pilates to find out exactly what her and her studio are all about. Nicole believes in supporting the whole body, whole mind, and whole spirit. Her clean, modern boutique studio features state-of-the-art equipment. You feel at peace just walking through the glass door.

Nicole is not only incredibly warm and welcoming but she’s very knowledgeable. She’s been teaching within the Pilates world since 2005 and practicing prior to that after having her first child. During class she walked us through each movement with an explanation as to why she was having us do it adding understanding of the workout as a whole. Following our introductory session, we felt rejuvenated not only physically but mentally as well. We loved it and cannot wait to share with you all her classes have to offer.

We asked Nicole some questions to give you a better understanding of how this could potentially benefit you.

1.What are some of the many benefits clients can receive from practicing Pilates?

  • Improved core strength
  • Better posture, balance, and flexibility
  • Increased back strength
  • Improved balanced musculature for efficient movement
  • More energy and endurance for day-to-day life
  • A re-energized mind and motivation for overall health

2.Are you able to work with injuries?

Yes, absolutely! Currently we see many patients of local physical therapists and orthopedic doctors who are looking for a safe and effective workout and Pilates offers both. We always recommend private sessions first for clients who are dealing with an injury. We see clients who have numerous issues including knee, hip, back and shoulder injuries. During our private sessions we are able to customize the workout to exactly what they need in order to continue healing from their injury and build strength throughout their entire body.

3. Is there an ideal age range?

We see clients of all ages ranges but typically not younger than 12.

4. What additional information do you have that you feel is needed to help our clients to make an educated decision to try Whole Living Pilates?

We always love to share that Pilates is for every “body”. Whether you are a professional athlete looking to cross train or a mom who’s finally making time for her own health and fitness…..we can help! We look forward to serving you and helping you meet your personal goals!

To start with private sessions you can schedule your Initial Evaluation/Workout on the website at www.wholelivingpilates.com by clicking on “Private Training”. They offer small group classes limited to just 5 clients at a time. If you are injury free, you can register for your first group class by clicking on “Small Group Training”. Feel free to reach out to them with any questions you might have.

We hope that this will give you some insight on Pilates and if it could be the right fit. We sure enjoyed it! Be sure to mention it when you come in if you’re interested so that we can give you a voucher to give her class a try for free!