Halo Hot Stone Therapy Erin Poovey September 19, 2020

Halo Hot Stone Therapy

The weather is cooling down, but at Camino we are just starting to warm up! Were offering our Halo Hot Stone Therapy and it is truly a magical addition to your massage!

What is Halo Hot stone therapy?

Halo therapy by itself is the form of ancient medicine where Himalayan salt is used therapeutically.

At Camino, we offer it in our infrared sauna as you know, but we also offer this type of therapy as an addition to your massage. The therapist will use heated Himalayan Salt stones as an extension of their hands to administer your massage. The heat from these stones have many restorative benefits, and feel totally wonderful.

What are the benefits of Halo therapy?

Massages with our salt stones can help regulate the balance of positive and negative ions in your body. If the body has too many positive ions it leads to inflammation, which can cause pain. When the body is massaged with these negatively charged salt stones, it balances the ions and reduces inflammation.

There are 28 trace minerals in these salt stones which help replenish important minerals in the body that may be lacking or missing. Himalayan Salt stones are naturally antimicrobial and a natural exfoliator. When the stones are glided used they gently exfoliate and refresh skins surface.

The stones are heated and combined with the therapeutic massage techniques sends a signal to your body to relax tense muscles. When muscles are able to relax, the therapist is able to help go a little deeper to allow for more release in tight problem areas.

What Massages can you add Salt stone therapy to?

Our hot stone therapy can be added to our 120,90,60 minute Ashiatsu, Therapeutic, Prenatal, and Couples massages.

How much does it cost to add on Halo Hot stone therapy?

Only $15 dollars to add on!

. . .

Camino’s Halo Hot stone therapy is a wonderful little added self care to your massage! We encourage you to book your next appointment today and add these wonder filled stones and truly experience the benefits, and the relaxation! Book through our “Scheduling Tab” and don’t forget to add Halo therapy!