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Ashiatsu barefoot massage helps loosen tight muscles and ligaments, with the therapist accessing the body from above with secured overhead bars. This provides the massage therapist with direct access to muscles and trouble spots and allows the therapist to apply much more pressure to the tissues than is possible when standing on the ground, leaning over you. This deep access treats all layers of tissue, effectively ironing out tight muscles and soothing the nervous system for full-body relaxation.

The pressure from barefoot massage not only feels amazing for your muscles but is also calming to your nervous system. All-day long, our bodies receive messages telling us to “go”, “do”, “be”, and “run”. During an ashiatsu massage session, all of those messages are hushed by the deep downward pressure exerted on the body. This pressure signals the mind and body to stop, slow down, and enter resting mode.

At Camino Massage our therapists specialize even further into what we call “FasciAshi”. Which is a more myofascial based barefoot massage technique. This technique is highly anatomy centered with myofascial release, neuromuscular technique, pain science research, and facilitated stretching principles behind every stoke. Thus making it a more advanced form of Barefoot massage. FasciAshi is more therapeutic based rather than a spa tailored modality but will leave your nervous system feeling like you just went on vacation leading to what we like to call the “Camino Bliss” effect.

Ashiatsu massage is beneficial for anyone who wants a deeply relaxing therapeutic massage experience but is it best for clients who:

  • have dense muscle tissue
  • suffer from chronic pain
  • need back and hip pain relief
  • need deep relaxation

Ashiatsu is particularly popular among athletes and individuals that are overworked & over stressed

We offer several customizations to deepen your massage experience and provide additional benefits, including:

    • Dynamic Cupping
    • Fascial Blading
    • Heat Packs
    • Hot Towels
    • Dynamic Stretching
    • Halo Therapy ($12 upgrade)
    • Infrared Salt Sauna ($15 for 20 minutes pre-massage)



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